STEP-1 and 2 Creating Magento 2 Module


Let’s Create Empty Module Folder app/code/ScandiPWA/SocialShareGraphQl ScandiPWA is [VENDOR] module provider SocialShareGrpahQl [MODULE_NAME]


Now we going to create a blank Magento module and register it in Magento

  1. For that let’s create an etc folder in app/code/ScandiPWA/SocailShareGrpahQl <- feather in text <MODULE ROOT>

  2. In <MODULE ROOT>/etc we need to create file module.xml with the following content

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi=""
<module name="ScandiPWA_SocialShareGraphQl" />

3. Create registration.php in <MODULE ROOT>

use Magento\Framework\Component\ComponentRegistrar;

4. Now we need to run setup:upgrade and find our module in output if you are running CMA setup open console in <PROJECT ROOT> run npm run cli and thenm set:up

Congrats!! useful material: Create a new Magento 2 module Working with Magento modules Create Magento App