Magento troubleshooting

Resolving common issues after a Magento+ScandiPWA installation

In general, many Magento problems can be resolved by executing the following Magento commands:

# in general
magento c:f

# for all issues involving data of the products,
# reviews not being up to date (after change)
magento in:rei

# when Magento 2 module does appear (or function properly)
magento se:up
magento module:enable <MODULE>

# missing classes, issues with Interceptors
rm -rf generated
magento c:f

404 Not Found on Homepage

There can be multiple reasons why the homepage shows a 404 page. This is usually due to a Magento misconfiguration:

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > General > Web > Default Pages > CMS Home Page and check if it is set

  2. Go to Content > Pages make sure the column Store View is not empty for your Home Page CMS page. If it is empty, click on the page, select necessary stores and click save

If nothing has changed and you still see a 404 Not Found error, try running the following Magento commands:

magento setup:upgrade
magento setup:di:compile

Luma Theme Visible

If you installed ScandiPWA, but the frontend still displays the Luma theme, follow the steps below.

Verify that the type of your theme in the theme Magento table to 4.

Verify that the theme is compiled

Verify that Magento_Theme is not be empty, and contains 2 folders. If this is not the case, compile the theme:

BUILD_MODE=magento yarn build

After the command's execution, the folders should appear. If there is a compliation issue, please read the logs to found out why.

Verify that the theme is set in the Magento admin panel

Check the Content > Design > Themes and make sure your store has the correct ScandiPWA theme set.

Flush caches

magento cache:flush

Asking for Help

If you couldn't resolve your issue, feel free to ask for help! Please see the guidelines for asking for help in Slack.

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