Build & Deploy Android app

You can package Scandi as a native Android application

Android made it simple to publish web-wrapper-based apps to the marketplace. But, it also provides a little bit more security by introducing the concept of Trusted Web Activity.

Building an app

1. Create a Developer Account

Visit the official site and register for a developer account.

2. Clone ScandiPWA Android app template

You can download ZIP for this repository, or clone with a command below:

git clone

3. Change the site URL in

Replace with your site's URL.

4. Replace the package name with the one you want

Find and replace all com.scandipwa of this String in a cloned repository and replace it with your custom value.

5. Verify your site by uploading a file

Upload the file of a similar structure to your server's .well-known/assetlinks.json URL. Make sure it's publicly accessible!

  "relation": ["delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls"],
  "target" : { "namespace": "android_app", "package_name": "<PACKAGE_NAME>",
               "sha256_cert_fingerprints": ["<FINGERPRINT>"] }

Make sure to replace PACKAGE_NAME with the one, you chose in step 4.

FINGERPRINT with values obtained from your Google Play Console > Release Management > App Signing.

Publishing the app

You will need an Android Studio installed. You can download it here.

  1. Open the project, and navigate to Build -> Generate Signed Bundle / APK.

  2. Choose APK, select (and create) key store file, enter passwords

  3. Choose release build variant and check both Signature versions

  4. Go to your developer console, navigate to All applications

  5. Click Create Application and enter required fields

  6. Prepare description and screenshots (requirements) for your app

  7. Navigate to Release management > App releases

  8. Select the .apk file created on step 3

  9. Select your release and click Review

For a more detailed guide, please see The Manifests's guide.

The process of review might take up to 7 days and result in refusal. ScandiPWA does not guarantee your app publishing. Please make sure the app you build complies with PlayStore guidelines.

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