Code contribution process

Before You Start

Good pull requests, such as patches, improvements, and new features, are a fantastic help. They should remain focused on the scope and not contain unrelated commits.

Before starting development, please ask if somebody else is already working on this task. If you are developing a new feature, please make sure the core developers agree is in-scope of the ScandiPWA App.

In general, it is always good practice to discuss your ideas with the team. By communicating and coordinating our work, we can ensure that nobody accidentally performs an unnecessary task, or fixes a bug that has already been already fixed by another developer.

The process

When working on a code we suggest the following coding flow:

  1. Make sure you created a fork of the repository you intend to contribute to

  2. Make sure you are working on a new branch (so master is the same on the fork and original repository)

  3. Create commits in your branch, make sure to leave meaningful commit messages, and follow our SCSS and Javascript code style.

  4. Once the feature or bugfix is done, please go ahead to /pulls and click on "New pull request". Select a base branch (a master or latest x.x.x-rc) and a branch to compare, the branch to compare is the new branch that you created.

  5. Enter the title and description of your pull request, if available link the related issues in the "Linked issues" section.

That's it, now you can sit back and relax, the ScandiPWA team will review the pull request shortly!

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