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Q4 2021
  • Fix the New Version Popup
  • Customer token lifetime - OAuth
  • Refactoring of Bundle Products, Customizable Options, Forms, Stock, and Price calculations
  • Fixes for iOS 15
  • Radio Button Support
  • Date & Time Custom Options
  • My Account refactoring
  • Add Items Ordered, Invoices, and Order Shipments tabs and Reorder button in My Orders
  • Disable Guest Checkout if Cart Contains Downloadable Items / M2 Support
Q1 + Q2 2022
  • Print Order functionality
  • URL parameters to track InApp sessions
  • Counter of images in mobile instead of dots
  • Hide the bottom navigation bar when scrolling on mobile
  • Price Slider extension
  • My Orders improvements
  • Magento 2.4.4 support
  • Start the migration to TypeScript
Q3 + Q4 2022
  • Refactoring of stock
  • Refactoring of configurable products
  • Refactoring of price and currency
  • Migrate to Magento endpoints
  • Products per page / M2 Support
  • New image zoom for mobile
  • New video guides for installing ScandiPWA
  • Performance improvements for adding products to the cart
In Progress