Developer Tools

To make the development process easier, we have compiled a set of tools for working with Scandi


You will need an integrated development environment (IDE) – this is where you edit code and manage files. If you already have a favorite editor, feel free to use that. If not – we recommend VS Code.


You're making a web app, so you need a browser to test your code! We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox. To help with debugging, we also recommend the following browser extensions:




React Developer Tools - allows you to inspect the React element hierarchy.

Redux DevTools - for inspecting the Redux state and actions

When developing, the Scandi "new version" popup may get annoying, if you are using Google Chrome, you can go to Developer Tools > Application > Service Workers and enable the Bypass for network checkbox.


Some tasks can get tedious when developing with Scandi. We wrote a command-line tool to automate them! Try the ScandiPWA CLI – it will save you a lot of time.

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