Overriding JavaScript
Override JavaScript files using the ScandiPWA Override Mechanism
When developing a ScandiPWA-based theme, you have the ability to override any JavaScript file and its exports. To override a JavaScript file, create a new file in your theme src directory matching the path of the file you want to override. For example, if you want to override the theme file in component/ProductCard/ProductCard.component.js, create a file with the same path in your theme's source directory, src:
override: component/ProductCard/ProductCard.component.js
import { PureComponent } from 'react';
export class ProductCard extends PureComponent {
render() {
return (
We have overridden the ProductCard component!
export default ProductCard;
Now, any import using the alias Component/ProductCard/Component/ProductCard.component will resolve to your newly-created file. Indeed, if you check the product list page, you will see the updated component:

Despite the general rule being simple, it is important to learn more details. See the detailed guide on overriding class-based and non-class-based files below.

Specific examples of how to use the Override Mechanism for common tasks can be found in our tutorial!
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