Custom ScandiPWA composer dependency update

Upgrade a custom ScandiPWA module in Magento theme mode to the newer version

There may be an issue when the composer is installing a newer package version than it's required. The newer package can contain the breaking changes that causes project crashes. In order to prevent this, ScandiPWA theme should be up to date. But for some cases this is not possible. Thus ScandiPWA has strict composer versions for the scandipwa/* modules.

Heads up!

Updating all ScandiPWA modules using composer update "scandipwa/*" may lead to the issue described above. Use it on your own risk!

The following steps must be completed to update a custom ScandiPWA module to the specific version:

1. Edit composer.json

Open a composer.json file in your theme directory and set desired version for packages you need. You might want to update multiple packages at once.

2. Update ScandiPWA composer dependencies

In order to update ScandiPWA composer dependencies you have to run the composer update command with all packages you trying to update. For example, if you edited composer.json and set new versions to scandipwa/catalog-graphql and scandipwa/compare-graphql, the command would be the following:

composer update scandipwa/catalog-graphql scandipwa/compare-graphql

Heads up!

You cannot update a ScandiPWA composer dependency directly, without modifying the composer.json file. If you try this, you will get the error like this:

Only root package requirements can receive temporary constraints
and scandipwa/quote-graphql is not one

Heads up!

If you don't mention all updated packages in the update command, you will get the following error:

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

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