We appreciate contributions from the community!

Loving ScandiPWA and want to get involved? Thanks! There are plenty of ways you can help.

Please take a moment to review this document in order to make the contribution process straightforward and effective for everyone involved. We ask that you follow these guidelines to make the time of the developers managing this open-source project more effective. Thank you for your time; we are looking forward to addressing your issue or assessing your patches and features!


The ScandiPWA installation from source is not much different from normal installation, but you must use Git cloned repository as a source for a theme. Please see more details in the guide below:

pageInstallation from Fork

Repository Structure

ScandiPWA is built from the frontend (NPM) and backend (Composer) packages. The main repository scandipwa/scandipwa is dependant on more than 20 small composer packages (aka. Magento modules). Learn more about ScandiPWAs repositories in a guide below:

pageRepository structure

Contribution process

You can contribute to ScandiPWA by submitting a feature or bug fix to our codebase. You can do it by opening a PR. Please read the guidelines on that in a guide below.

pageCode contribution process

You can also contribute by submitting an issue suggesting a fueature or reporing a bug. See how you can do it in a guide below.

pageSubmitting an Issue

Publishing process

Publishing NPM and Composer packages is a simple process, but to keep the process consistent, please see the guide below.

pagePublishing ScandiPWA

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