Storefront mode upgrade

Upgrade Scandi in Storefront theme mode to the newest version

The following steps must be completed to update to the newer ScandiPWA version:

1. Update the version of @scandipwa/scandipwa

Go to your ScandiPWA theme root directory and run the following:

yarn add @scandipwa/scandipwa@latest

2. Update the composer.json dependencies

To update the Composer dependencies of your ScandiPWA theme, first, build or start the application:

Heads up!

When upgrading, the build or start of the application might throw an error asking you to upgrade the composer.json! This is expected.

yarn start

Complete the instructions indicated in error, for example following error:

Must indicate, that you must bump the scandipwa/customer-graph-ql to a newer version (^3). You can do it in composer.json.

Another way to quickly resolve this is to copy the require field of your theme's parent theme. This is, however, not safe as it might omit some extension's dependencies.

3. Update the composer on the remote Magento server

Update the composer.json on your Magento 2 server. You can again synchronize the updates from ScandiPWA theme's require field of composer.json and your Magento 2 server's root composer.json.

Upgrade the CSA and CMA

To make sure all the features of the new ScandiPWA are working correctly, make sure to stay on the latest toolchains. Follow the guides below to upgrade them:

pageCMA upgradepageCSA upgrade

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