Routes are pages in your single-page application

ScandiPWA uses react-router and react-router-dom to handle routing. The Router itself is a ScandiPWA component, defined in component/Router/Router.component.js.

The components for the routes themselves are defined in the route directory. The structure of each route is the same as any other component, but instead of being used throughout the application, they are used only in the router.

Special Cases

ScandiPWA allows you to create custom URL rewrites that don't match the standard routes. This is implemented in route/UrlRewrites.

If neither the standard routes nor the URL rewrites resolve to anything, the user is shown an error message stating that no page has been found. This is implemented in route/NoMatchHandler.

Example - Standard Route

The CartPage is defined in route/CartPage. It is added to the router:

// component/Router/Router.component.js

// imported lazily for better performance
export const CartPage = lazy(() => import(/* webpackMode: "lazy", webpackChunkName: "cart" */ 'Route/CartPage'));
// [...]

/** @namespace Component/Router/Component */
export class Router extends PureComponent {
    // all standard routes are defined here, including the cart page
            component: <Route
              path={ withStoreRegex('/cart') }
              render={ (props) => <CartPage { ...props } /> }
            // position is the "priority" of this route.
            // routes with lower position will be rendered first,
            // and if several routes match the same URL, the first one is shown
            position: 50
        // [...]
    // [...]

export default Router;

Now, whenever the user visits /cart, the CartPage will be shown.

Example - URL Rewrite

The ProductPage is defined in route/ProductPage. It is rendered when UrlRewrites resolves an URL to a TYPE_PRODUCT page:

// route/UrlRewrites/UrlRewrites.component.js

    renderContent() {
        const { props, type, updateNoMatch } = this.props;

        switch (type) {
        case TYPE_PRODUCT:
            return <ProductPage { ...props } />;
        case TYPE_CMS_PAGE:
            return <CmsPage { ...props } />;
        case TYPE_CATEGORY:
            return <CategoryPage { ...props } />;
        case TYPE_NOTFOUND:
            updateNoMatch({ noMatch: true });
            return <NoMatch { ...props } />;
            return this.renderDefaultPage();

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