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ScandiPWA is a next-generation Magento 2 front-end written in React. It supports:

ScandiPWA technology stack revolves around an idea of supporting two modes:

  • Storefront mode – the statically compiled web-application, which uses a remote Magento 2 instance as the data source. Usually served by the non-Magento server, thus reducing the costs of maintenance and TTFB (time-to-first-byte).

  • Magento theme mode – the statically compiled Magento 2 theme, served by Magento and getting data from the same Magento 2 instance it's hosted on. The main advantages of this approach are better SEO, higher customization-ability from the admin interface.

To make the development in both modes easier, we introduced multiple toolchains around ScandiPWA to streamline the setup process:

  • CMA (Create Magento App) – a toolchain that allows you to setup Magento 2 applications on your computer or server in a single command.

  • CSA (Create ScandiPWA App) – a toolchain that enables override mechanism, application plugins, and both building modes. Allows creating ScandiPWA applications in a single command.

You can read more about how they interact with each other in the guide below:

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