Product 3D Model Extension

Implementing a Scandi extension for viewing product 3D models

With the flexible design of Scandi, you can develop functionality that neither Magento nor the Scandi theme support out-of-the-box. In this tutorial, we will be adding 3D models to the product data, and displaying them in a "3D Models" tab in the product page. This will be entirely implemented as a re-usable extension, so you will be able to install this functionality in any compatible project!

This tutorial consists of three parts. First, we create a Magento module enabling the admin to upload 3D model files for each product. Then, to make this data accessible to the Scandi frontend, we implement a GraphQL resolver to provide this data through an API. Finally, we create a frontend extension so that the 3D models can be seen on the frontend.

This is what we'll be creating:

3D Models used in the example above: "National Park Binoculars - Hand Painted" by Adam Tabone and "Low poly McCree" by Seafoam

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