Installation from Fork

Generally, the installation follows the same flow as the ScandiPWA projects, but instead of installing from template using create-scandipwa-app you will need to clone the project from the source.


You need to have Git, Node (version >= 12), and Yarn installed

git --version
node -v # expected: v12.x or v14.x
yarn -v

You also need to fork the ScandiPWA repository to be able to create pull requests.

Make sure you are using Yarn, not NPM

This project is forcing you to use Yarn because it relies on the underlying "workspaces" feature. The NPM will not work properly.

Setting Up

Clone the ScandiPWA repository:

# clone your fork - replace <your-username> with your github username
git clone<your-username>/scandipwa
cd scandipwa # move into the directory you cloned

Install dependencies with yarn:


Now, you can go ahead use ScandiPWA in the following modes:

Storefront mode

Just enter the ScandiPWA package directory and run the start command. Alternatively, use any other available command from this list.

cd packages/scandipwa # move into the scandipwa package directory
yarn start

Magento mode

You can follow the original instructions (starting from step 3), but make sure to use the package path, not the cloned repository path packages/scandipwa.

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