Publishing ScandiPWA

Release note sample

When describing the release notes, we suggest using the following template:

# What's inside

- Feature 1
- Feature 2

## Feature break-down

### Feature 1

Description of feature 1.

### Feature 2

Description of feature 2.

## Dependency check

### NPM dependencies:

- `some/package`: from `^x.x.x` to `^x.x.x`

### Composer dependencies

- `some/package`: from `^x.x.x` to `^x.x.x`

Publishing ScandiPWA

Because ScandiPWA is a mono repository managed by Lerna, you should publish it using Lerna commands.

lerna publish

This will create a new tag in the ScandiPWA GitHub repository. You can then go ahead and add some release notes to your release. The tag name will be in the format @scandipwa/scandipwa/X.X.X.

Publishing Composer packages

We use to host published packages. Each composer package is contained in its own repository. To publish a package, you need to:

  1. Go to the selected repository (see the list of common ones)

  2. Go to releases sections – /releases

  3. Click "Draft new release"

  4. Enter the title, describe the changes

  5. Click "Publish release"

After that, the change will appear on You can search for the package name there.

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