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ScandiPWA allows you to create "plug-and-play" extensions for your applications.
Extension - is a reusable, isolated part of your application. It can contain a presentation layer, business logic, or even build configuration.
Extensions commonly come as two packages:

Looking for an extension?

Visit ScandiPWA marketplace to find a list of ones already available for download!

Magento 2 module

Usually, a composer package (or ZIP archive), which contains back-end functionality extensions of Magento 2. The common functionality they provide (in ScandiPWA context) are GraphQl endpoints and Magento 2 admin modifications. In case you plan to create or install one, refer to the guide below.

ScandiPWA extension

An NPM package, containing a presentation layer (front-end) for your feature. In case you plan to create, install, or publish one, refer to the guides below.