Technical Information

Regarding technical decisions behind ScandiPWA

Does ScandiPWA Support TypeScript?

When developing extensions and theme overrides, developers are free to choose any technology they wish, including TypeScript.

However, ScandiPWA doesn't support TypeScript yet. Our team is currently working on a migration of the code to TS. You can follow the roadmap at

ScandiPWA Cache

ScandiPWA uses the default Magento 2 cache control mechanism over the X-Magento-Tags-Pattern header.

It provides AddTagsToResponsePlugin to add entity headers to each GraphQL cacheable response.

A custom Cache entity (singleton) is used to gather all entities that were loaded during current request. Flushing happens on the default cache_flush events for most entities. CMS has its own event observers to track response/flush.

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