Submitting an Issue

Found a bug? Got an idea? Please let us know!

ScandiPWA is an open project - not only do we publish our source code on Github, but we also make the issue tracking process public. Feel free to browse existing issues, or submit a new issue!

Before You Submit

Before submitting an issue, please make sure that the documentation doesn't already address it. In addition, please search the existing issues to check if it hasn't already been reported. If it has - good news, you are not alone! Feel free to upvote the issue and add a comment if you have additional information.

Submitting a Bug

When submitting a bug, please describe the problem you are facing. Add detailed steps of how to reproduce the issue, so that developers can verify the bug and address it as quickly as possible. Explain what you expected to happen, and what happened instead.

Please note that we receive many submissions, and the ScandiPWA team addresses them in order of priority.

Submitting a Feature Request

We also welcome suggestions of how ScandiPWA could be improved. Please share your idea, and describe how it would make ScandiPWA even better!

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