Magento Mode Setup

Build Scandi as a Magento theme

This guide requires 5 steps to be completed in sequence:

1. Create a new Create Magento App

Install dependencies

Before setting up, make sure you have installed the libraries required to build the PHP. The list of these libraries can be found here: for Linux and macOS.

Also, make sure to install Docker and PHPBrew in your system.

Quick Start

# make sure dependencies are installed !!!
npx create-magento-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

This command will start Docker services, start PHP and open your favorite browser with Magento 2 store.

Create Magento App choose an available port for Magento 2 so it can vary. By default, it will use port 80 so the URL for the store will be http://localhost:80/.

Creating a Magento App

Make sure your Node version is up to date!

You’ll need to have Node >= 12 on your local development machine (but it’s not required on the server). You can use n (macOS, Linux) or nvm-windows to switch Node versions between different projects.

To create a new app, you may choose one of the following methods:

npx create-magento-app my-app


Running any of these commands will create a directory called my-app inside the current folder. Inside that directory, it will generate the initial project structure and install the transitive dependencies. Learn more in the folder structure guide.

In case of issues - please refer to Create Magento App FAQ.

2. Create a new Create Scandipwa App

The ScandiPWA App creation very similar to Storefront mode, however, the Magento 2 server configuration is not required as we will install our ScandiPWA as composer dependency for our newly created Magento 2 server, later in this guide.

Storefront Mode Setup

The Create Magento App (CMA) comes with a built-in mechanism for ScandiPWA theme linking. In order to link a ScandiPWA theme with CMA project, execute the following command from CMA project root:

npm run link -- ./path/to/your/scandipwa-app

This command will link your ScandiPWA theme from your selected path as a symbolic link and will disable the "Full Page" cache.

4. Run ScandiPWA App in Magento mode

Run the command below from your ScandiPWA App directory:

BUILD_MODE=magento npm run start

This command will now watch the files and put their compiled versions into the magento/Magento_Theme folder.

5. Change Magento theme to ScandiPWA

Go to your Magento Admin panel (by default it can be accessed on /admin), Content > Configuration, choose a website that you want to apply theme on, click Edit and select your theme, click Save!

Open your store URL and the ScandiPWA theme should be online.

What's next?

Learn what features and why we added on-top-of React + Redux stack:

Introduction to the Stack

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