Getting Started

Set up a ScandiPWA theme in a few minutes!

Ways to Set Up

Create ScandiPWA App (CSA) is an easy-to-use npx or yarn script you can use to quickly set up a ScandiPWA frontend. If you have never worked with ScandiPWA before, we recommend you get started with this easy-to-setup method, which will let you develop the frontend of your ScandiPWA app without worrying about the backend.

Create Magento App (CMA) is a npx or yarn script for setting up a Docker environment with Magento. It was developed to reduce the complexity of installing Magento 2 on any system. All you need to do is install required apps and system dependencies once and you can run as many Magento 2 stores locally as you want!


...if you need:


A ScandiPWA frontend (proxied to a remote Magento instance)


A Magento backend