Tools of ScandiPWA


The tools and editors are essential. For PHP - there is a standard “PHPStorm” for React development we encourage using VSCode. This is a very popular code editor, with a powerful extension API. We even have our own to help you develop your store faster! Watch the video to configure your editor!

The VSCode extensions mentioned:

ESLint and StyleLint - code-style validators

Matching code-style is very important. The consistent tabulation, the proper imports, everything matters! We even made our own ESLint plugin (for the next ScandiPWA version)!

Note: it is mandatory to install the ESLint and StyleLint! This will help a lot later, when inspecting the source code or contributing! Please do not skip this step!

Chrome remote Debugging

Configuring the remote debugging can be quite challenging. Debugging in the browser requires additional tools. Watch the tutorial video, and configure your Chrome and VSCode for remote debugging.

Chrome extensions mentioned in this video:

GraphQL Playground

Knowing the GraphQL schema is important. Using reliable tools from the very begging is crucial for fast delivery. Install them beforehand.

The tools mentioned in the video: