Debugging guide

From chrome inspector to the source folder. Let us guide you. Forget about searching in the project source-code for some abstract code-logic, everything is now transparent! How? Because we are using BEM and flat file structures.

Plugin mechanism Coding Standard

Watch an explanation video

From the class name to the component

Everyone is struggling to remember the component names, especially on such a huge project! We got you covered - you can immediately pin-point the necessary component by a single look:

  1. Select a target an element on the website
  2. Inspect it using the debugger
  3. Get back to project, make sure the vendor/scandipwa/source is add to your workspace
  4. Focus attention on the class name:
    1. it will look like this: <BLOCK>-<ELEMENT>_<MODIFIER>, or this <BLOCK>-<ELEMENT>, or just: <BLOCK>
    2. Take the first part, the <BLOCK> part of the class
    3. Using the filename search, search for <BLOCK>
    4. Open the <BLOCK>.component, <BLOCK>.container, <BLOCK>.style - depending on your needs
    5. Now, you can extend it, modify it, or simply investigate

Configure the remote debugging

If you have troubles inspecting the element or debugging JavaScript - checkout our Chrome debugger configuration tutorial.

Something is breaking for seemingly no reason?

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