Reusable plugins for ScandiPWA

The ScandiPWA theme is built on create-scandipwa-app, which implements a plugin mechanism, enabling you to create reusable extensions for the ScandiPWA theme. This means that you can create an extension once, and use it on multiple of your projects, or even sell it or share it for use by others.

Installing an Extension

On the ScandiPWA marketplace, there are both free and paid extensions waiting to be installed. Follow the guide to learn about customizing your extension with a pre-made plugin.

Creating an Extension

The process of creating an extension is described in the create-scandipwa-app docs. Once you have an extension ready, you can follow the guide to publish it on the marketplace!

If you need to customize your theme, but don't need to create a re-usable extension, you can use the Override Mechanism instead.

Adding Translations for an Extension

You can add the additional translations in the i18n directory. All internationalization files are merged to produce the translations, so this will update the translations for extensions as well. Theme translations are prioritized over extension translations, so you can override existing translations as well.